Timothy Parladore, a former Trump lawyer, describes the conflict within the legal team

Former President Donald J. A conflict within Trump’s legal team has drawn the ire of others on the team on Saturday after one of his former lawyers went on television and attacked one of his current lawyers.

The former lawyer, Timothy Parladore, recused himself last week from representing Mr Trump in the special counsel’s investigation into his handling of classified documents and attempts to sway the 2020 election. But Mr. Parladore did not explain the reasons for his departure at the time, saying only that it was not related to the merits of the investigations.

Appearing on CNN on Saturday, Mr. Parladore said he left because of irreconcilable differences with another lawyer, Boris Epshteyn, who served as in-house counsel to the former president and coordinated their efforts by recruiting lawyers. Defend Trump.

Mr. Mr. Mr. Trump was briefed. How Mr. Epstein and other lawyers barred Parladore explained. Office and his efforts to stay in office after losing the 2020 elections.

“As I said then, this case has nothing to do with the client,” said Mr. Parladore said. “There are some people who have made protecting the president more difficult than it needs to be.”

He especially Mr. Named Epstein.

“He did everything he could to stop us,” Mr. Barladore said it was “hard to fight against the DOJ,” but he did it to “hold you back when colleagues try to undermine you.” So I can’t do what I’m supposed to do as a lawyer.

This is “ultimately not in the best interest of the customer,” he said, adding that Mr. Epstein said he was “not very honest with us or with the client” on certain matters.

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Most importantly, Mr. Barladore, Mr. After the FBI executed a search warrant at Trump’s private club and residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, Mr. Mr. Epstein tried. More than 100 additional classified documents were discovered.

Mr. Barladore, Mr. He also mocked Epstein’s limited legal experience, saying he had spent 18 months as a corporate lawyer and based on that experience, “he knows better than any of us.”

However, if some changes are made, Mr. Mr. Trump’s offer to return to the legal team Parladore opened.

“I’d be happy to go back if lawyers were allowed to be lawyers unhindered by the likes of Boris Epstein,” he said.

Mr. A spokesman for Trump said, “Mr. Barlater is no longer a member of the Law Society. His statements regarding the current members of the Legislative Council are baseless and categorically false.

Before appearing on TV, Mr. Barladore, Mr. Speaking with Trump, Mr. Epstein’s dealings increased the risk that federal prosecutors would file charges, two people familiar with the matter said.

Mr. Many of Trump’s lawyers, including Mr. The warning came after an earlier intervention with their client regarding Epstein’s involvement. Despite the dire circumstances, Mr. Mr. Epstein’s interest in the cases. Prosecutors also noted the disruption he created in speaking with Trump.

Mr. News of the disagreement among lawyers representing Trump comes at a delicate moment — as Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith wraps up his sprawling grand jury investigations and approaches a decision on whether to file an indictment against Mr. Trump on documents and election interference cases.

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Mr. With Parladore gone, two other attorneys — James Trusty and John Rowley — joined the special counsel’s investigation of Mr.

Mr. To comment on Parladore’s comments, Mr. Rowley declined Saturday. Mr. The trustee did not respond to attempts to reach him for comment.

Mr. Trump also faces various legal challenges, including an indictment in New York for money laundering and a pending election interference investigation in Georgia.

The former president appeared on CNN on May 10, refusing to give a clear answer when asked at a town hall event whether he had shown classified documents to anyone after leaving office.

Mr. Parladore tried to clarify that issue on Saturday, saying Mr. He told Trump’s legal team there was “no evidence that he showed classified documents to anyone.”

He added that he did not believe the document investigation would eventually result in charges being filed.

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