Russia-Ukraine War at a Glance: What We Know on Day 344 of Invasion | Ukraine

  • Russia is planning a major offensive to mark the one-year anniversary of the war Ukraine On February 24, the country’s Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said. Commenting on the French media, Reznikov warned that Russia would call in a large body of mobilized troops. He said the actual numbers on the border may be closer to 500,000, noting that Russia mobilized 300,000 conscripts in September last year.

  • In an interview with Russia’s state television on Thursday, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said everyone wants a conflict. Ukraine To conclude, But the West’s support for Kiev plays a key role in how Russia approaches the campaign. Lavrov also said Moscow planned to cover up pro-Ukrainian events organized by Western and allied countries around the world to mark the invasion. Ukraine On February 24.

  • A Russian rocket destroyed an apartment building in Ukraine’s eastern city of Kramatorsk late Wednesday. And at least two people were killed and seven others wounded, regional governor Pavlo Kyrilenko said. “Rescuers, law enforcement and public utilities are working at the scene to go through the rubble of the destroyed building. People may still be underneath,” he wrote on the Telegram messaging app. At least 44 people were killed when a Russian missile struck an apartment building in the eastern city of Dnipro last month.

  • A dozen top EU officials, including Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, arrived in Kyiv on Thursday with promises of more military, financial and political aid. This is a symbolic journey to highlight support Ukraine The first anniversary of the invasion of Russia is approaching.

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  • Austria has denounced four Russian diplomats for violating international treaties. The foreign ministry said on Thursday without giving many details.

  • Russia’s role as a “credible arms exporter” has been “significantly” undermined by its invasion, the UK Ministry of Defense has updated. Ukraine and international sanctions. The MoD said Russia’s share of the international arms market was declining before the invasion.

  • Fierce fighting continues in eastern Ukraine, where Russian troops are trying to land near the strategic logistics center of Lyman. Defense Deputy Minister Hanna Malyar said on Wednesday evening. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Russian forces are trying to achieve demonstrable victories by the 24 February 2022 anniversary of the invasion. “A definite increase in the offensive activities of the aggressors on the front in the east of our country has been noted. The situation has become difficult. “

  • Shell’s annual profits have almost doubled to a record $40bn (£32.3bn) since the war-related rise in wholesale gas prices. Ukraine As consumers struggled to pay huge energy bills, it increased efficiency.

  • Norway will increase spending in the coming years from its sovereign wealth fund to fund military and civilian aid. Ukraine, Norway’s Prime Minister Jonas Kar Storey told parliament on Thursday.

  • A former commander of Russia’s Wagner mercenaries who fled to Norway has told Reuters he wants to apologize for fighting in Ukraine. and called for the perpetrators of atrocities in the conflict to be brought to justice. Andrei Medvedev, who escaped across the Russian-Norwegian border on January 13, says he witnessed the killing and mistreatment of Russian prisoners taken to Ukraine to fight for Wagner.

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  • Britain’s Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has said he does not think sending UK fighter jets to Ukraine is the right approach “for now”. He said “Not a solid decision”, adding: “I’ve learned two things: don’t rule anything, don’t rule anything.” Meanwhile, Downing Street continues to rule Kiev offered British jets, saying it was impractical given the complexity of the jets.

  • The UK reports its former Prime Minister Boris Johnson He called on Western leaders to “give the Ukrainians the tools to finish the job,” including heavy tanks and aircraft. Johnson addressed the Atlantic Council in Washington West insisted “Stop focusing on Putin and focus entirely on Ukraine”.

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