OpenAI Forms Exclusive Computing Partnership with Microsoft to Build New Azure AI Supercomputing Technologies

Microsoft Corp. and OpenAI, two companies that think deeply about AI’s role in the world and how to build secure, reliable and ethical AI to serve the public, have teamed up to further extend the capabilities of the Microsoft Azure platform in large-scale AI systems. Through this partnership, companies will accelerate AI innovations and leverage OpenAI’s efforts to create artificial… Read more »

IMF and World Bank seek to renew 75 years of foundation

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund seek a reinvention to overcome new crises and adapt to phenomena such as the emergence of virtual currencies. Both financial institutions were born during World War II, on July 22 1944, at the initiative of 44 countries to avoid a new crisis like that of 1929. After 75 years of its foundation,… Read more »

Brazilian minister believes that the possibility of having a common currency with Argentina is “distant”

Brazilian Economy Minister Paulo Guedes considered that the creation of a common currency between his country and Argentina is something “distant”, but warned that this intention would not be possible if Alberto Fern├índez wins the presidential elections. The official explained that “when we talk about integrating with Argentina, we have to think that the countries that followed that process ended… Read more »

Mexico aims to be a smart city thanks to Fintech

The technology in the financial sector can help to position Mexico as an economic force in Latin America, according to financial expert Alexis Nickin. For the specialist, technological innovation in the financial sector has generated new opportunities in many areas. For example, it allowed Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to gain credits and short-term benefits, which if they had been… Read more »

Argentina: The dollar continues on the upward path, rising almost 40 cents and closed at $43.78 in Buenos Aires City

The dollar advanced on Tuesday almost 40 cents and closed at $43.78 in agencies and banks of the City of Buenos Aires, thus prolonging the change in trend initiated at the beginning of the week, when it climbed just over 50 cents. This phenomenon is repeated in the Single and Foreign Exchange Market, where the wholesale dollar closed at $42.46… Read more »