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The Fed kept rates unchanged, although it will “closely monitor” the economy and inflation

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) of the Federal Reserve of the United States decided to keep interest rates unchanged in a target range between 2.25% and 2.5 %, thus fulfilling market expectations. However, the monetary authority warned that it will “closely monitor” the developments in economic forecasts to fulfill its dual mandate to keep inflation stable and achieve maximum… Read more »

After agreement with Mexico, EU invites China to resume negotiations

Donald Trump closed one door, but he still has others open. The president of the United States claimed victory after Washington and Mexico agreed on measures to curb the flow of Central American migrants to the United States. Trump overturned plans to impose 5% tariffs on all Mexican imports and, in a separate part of the G20 financial leaders summit,… Read more »

Tariffs may not take effect or be necessary: ​​Trump adviser

Peter Navarro, a commercial advisor to the president of the United States Donald Trump, warned on Wednesday that tariffs on Mexican goods may not take effect or be necessary because now he has all the “attention of” Mexico to stop migration. In an interview with CNN, Navarro added that the non-application of threats represents a glimmer of hope for companies… Read more »

Zuckerberg Makes New Facebook Changes

Facebook is headed to become a platform “focused on privacy” and focused on confidentiality, its president Mark Zuckerberg announced Wednesday by delineating a strategic vision to transform the social network giant. The strategic change, already outlined for a few months, seeks to solve two major Facebook problems: on the one hand, the incessant criticisms about permissive management of confidential user… Read more »

The founder of Huawei said that Washington “underestimates them”

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said the United States “underestimates” his company and that the telecommunications giant’s plans in its 5G technology program will not be affected by Washington’s decisions to block it. “American politicians, with their way of acting today, show that they underestimate our strength,” Ren said in an interview with state television CCTV and other media, adding that… Read more »