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US officially accuses China of manipulating currency

The trade dispute between the United States and China officially turned into a currency war on Monday. Washington has formally included Beijing on its currency-manipulating list to allegedly try to gain a competitive advantage. The president of the world’s largest power, Donald Trump, had already suggested this possibility in his public speeches, directly accusing Beijing of artificially devaluing the yuan…. Read more »

Apple launches a new credit card

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As promised last March, Apple announced that its credit card is now available. Users who wish to try it may request it through the Wallet application. The technology giant expects that in the coming weeks there will already be a large number of cardholders. However, at the moment it will only be available in the United States. How do you… Read more »

HSBC makes adjustments to control costs and dismisses 4,000 employees

The British banking group HSBC announced on Monday a 2% reduction of its troops in the world (some 4,000 jobs) in order to control its costs in a “difficult” context. “We announced a restructuring program,” CFO Ewen Stevenson explained in a conference call, saying that they are focused on positions of responsibility and estimated that these layoffs will cost between… Read more »

The Fed will lower its rates for the first time in eleven years: 80% of the market expects to cut 25 basis points

On Wednesday, the central bank of the United States prepares to lower its interest rates for the first time in eleven years. The Monetary Committee concludes on Wednesday a two-day meeting after which Jerome Powell, president of the Federal Reserve, will hold a press conference. The Fed has already said on several occasions that trade uncertainties, the weakness of world… Read more »

The largest bank in the US warns that the “century of dominance” of the dollar is ending

The dollar could lose its status as the main reserve currency in the coming decades, collapsed by the growing power of Asian economies, warns Craig Cohen, a strategist at JPMorgan Chase Bank. In a recent article, the analyst recalls that the dollar “has been the dominant reserve currency in the world for almost a century”, but predicts that “it could… Read more »