Before Trump-Xi meeting, China asks the US to cancel sanctions against Huawei

The United States should immediately withdraw sanctions against the Chinese telecommunications equipment firm Huawei, said Gao Feng, spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce in Beijing, hours before the leaders of both countries meet to discuss trade.

China opposes US abuse of export controls and urges Washington to return to the path of cooperation, Feng said.

On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump said it is possible to reach an agreement with his counterpart Xi Jinping this weekend, when both are in the framework of the G20 summit in Japan, although he said he is willing to impose tariffs on almost all imports of Chinese products if the talks fail.

Trump has suggested that Huawei could be part of the agreement

Meanwhile, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal reported that Xi plans to present to Trump the terms to end the trade dispute, including the withdrawal of a ban on the sale of US technology to Huawei.

Trump is scheduled to meet with Xi in the Japanese city of Osaka, at 11:30 local time on Saturday.

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