Tariffs may not take effect or be necessary: ​​Trump adviser

Peter Navarro, a commercial advisor to the president of the United States Donald Trump, warned on Wednesday that tariffs on Mexican goods may not take effect or be necessary because now he has all the “attention of” Mexico to stop migration.

In an interview with CNN, Navarro added that the non-application of threats represents a glimmer of hope for companies in both countries, anxious about the effects it would have on consumers and companies alike.

Keep your promises

Due to the lack of progress on key issues in his 2016 election campaign, such as a border wall and the stop for migrants in the US, Trump said that Mexico must assume a harder line with the flow of people crossing national territory to request asylum in the US.

On Thursday May 30 Trump threatened to impose, as of Monday June 10, a 5% tariff on all products that Mexico exports to the US, a penalty that would increase another 5% every month to reach 25% if the Government Federal “does not do what is necessary” to stop migration and drug trafficking .

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