Investing in renewable energy will bring great advantages: Joaquín Leal

Although details are being finalized for the second long-term auction, with the approval of the National Development Plan, the clean energy expert of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, Joaquín Leal Jiménez, supports the initiative to give tax benefits for investing in renewable energy.

This initiative deals with several articles, which provide investors, SMEs and individuals with some benefits in terms of deductions and elimination of VAT such as solar panels.

“One of the main goals of excluding VAT for solar panels is that small and medium-sized companies can implement this type of source for their business.”

Another important point of this initiative is the extension of the period of use of the special deduction in income for investments of five to 15 years in power generation with non-conventional renewable sources.

The expert, Joaquín Leal, said that the use of renewable energy such as solar panels, helps fight climate change and the cost of it is more accessible.

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