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Facebook fined for privacy violations

The Italian Privacy Authority fined Facebook for one million euros for the case of Cambridge Analytica which revealed the theft of personal data and the violation of the privacy of social network users. This sanction is only the beginning, the Italian authority warned, which was based on the old Privacy Code, and remains available since last January with which the… Read more »

After agreement with Mexico, EU invites China to resume negotiations

Donald Trump closed one door, but he still has others open. The president of the United States claimed victory after Washington and Mexico agreed on measures to curb the flow of Central American migrants to the United States. Trump overturned plans to impose 5% tariffs on all Mexican imports and, in a separate part of the G20 financial leaders summit,… Read more »

Investing in renewable energy will bring great advantages: Joaquín Leal

Although details are being finalized for the second long-term auction, with the approval of the National Development Plan, the clean energy expert of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, Joaquín Leal Jiménez, supports the initiative to give tax benefits for investing in renewable energy. This initiative deals with several articles, which provide investors, SMEs and individuals with some benefits in terms… Read more »

Mexico also withdraws tariffs on some EU products

The Government of Mexico announced the elimination of tariffs on certain products from the United States as a measure of reciprocity for the elimination of the tax on steel and aluminum. The measure is implemented after the agreement reached between Mexico and the United States last Friday, when the quotas of 25% to steel and 10% to aluminum were withdrawn…. Read more »

Focused on the trade war, the US and China will tax these products

Focused on trade and tariff warfare, the Governments of China and the United States announced the list of products of their economic exchange that will be taxed within the framework of actions and reactions that hit the stock exchanges and currencies of all the world. The measure taken by the US would reach tariffs of 300 billion dollars in laptops,… Read more »