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My name is Julia, I am an MBA graduate from Seton Hall University and currently work as a CPA. I am the founder of and am responsible for writing the majority of news published here and for all editorial decisions. Mailing address: 937 Lee Avenue, Camden NJ 08102 Ph: 856-379-0813 Email: [email protected]

Argentina: The dollar continues on the upward path, rising almost 40 cents and closed at $43.78 in Buenos Aires City

The dollar advanced on Tuesday almost 40 cents and closed at $43.78 in agencies and banks of the City of Buenos Aires, thus prolonging the change in trend initiated at the beginning of the week, when it climbed just over 50 cents. This phenomenon is repeated in the Single and Foreign Exchange Market, where the wholesale dollar closed at $42.46… Read more »

Trump points to cryptocurrencies: “They can facilitate illegal behavior”

The US president, Donald Trump, expressed on Thursday his distrust of cryptocurrencies, which in his opinion are not real money, and warned Facebook and other groups that want to venture into them that they must comply with global financial rules. “I am not a fan of cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on… Read more »

IMF approval is imminent, allowing a disbursement of $5.5 billion to Argentina

Before the end of the week and before Christine Lagarde stops directing the International Monetary Fund (IMF), it is estimated that the technical mission of the international organization will approve the fourth revision of the Argentine economy that will allow a new disbursement of US $5.5 billion. Lagarde herself, when she met with President Mauricio Macri in the framework of… Read more »

Before Trump-Xi meeting, China asks the US to cancel sanctions against Huawei

The United States should immediately withdraw sanctions against the Chinese telecommunications equipment firm Huawei, said Gao Feng, spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce in Beijing, hours before the leaders of both countries meet to discuss trade. China opposes US abuse of export controls and urges Washington to return to the path of cooperation, Feng said. On Wednesday, US President Donald… Read more »

Tariffs may not take effect or be necessary: ​​Trump adviser

Peter Navarro, a commercial advisor to the president of the United States Donald Trump, warned on Wednesday that tariffs on Mexican goods may not take effect or be necessary because now he has all the “attention of” Mexico to stop migration. In an interview with CNN, Navarro added that the non-application of threats represents a glimmer of hope for companies… Read more »