Ariana Grande says it’s not OK to comment on other people’s looks: ‘Be kind to each other’

(CNN) Ariana Grande She voiced her feelings TikTok Tuesday about commenting on someone else’s appearance, including one’s appearance.

The Grammy-winner wanted to “address the concerns” and “talk a little bit about what it means to be able-bodied, to be seen and to be taken care of more.”

“No matter what, we have to be soft and comfortable about people’s bodies,” the “Thank You, Next” singer said, “There are ways to appreciate someone, or there are ways to ignore something that you don’t see. I think we need to help each other work on it. To be safe and for each other. Just to keep it safe.”

“There are many different ways to look healthy and beautiful,” Grande added.

She candidly shared that she had gone through periods of struggle with her own health, but said she “didn’t have to explain it.” He added that he wanted to share this message with his followers because he believed some good could come from the conversation.

“You never know what someone is going through. So even if you’re coming from a loving place and a caring place, the person is working on it or they have a support system that they’re working on, you never know.” she said. “So be gentle with one another and with yourself.”

The “WickedThe star ended her video with an empowering message for her followers, saying, “I think you look beautiful no matter what you do.”

Grande’s video on Tuesday isn’t the first time she’s made such a sentiment.

In 2015, he shared a post Instagram account after seeing inappropriate comments about her and “Modern Family” actor Ariel Winter on social media.

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“We live in a day where women, men, no one can embrace themselves perfectly,” she said in the post, “and the things that make us different from each other are what make us beautiful.”

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